Isabella Dunning

Isabella Dunning '24

If you seek a structured environment, leadership challenges, and aspire to enhance yourself physically, morally, and emotionally, then Norwich University is the ideal academic institution for your educational journey.

Why did you choose Norwich?

From my freshman year of high school, my aspiration to serve in the Army was evident. Two years later, I achieved a four-year National Army ROTC Scholarship. Norwich University came to my attention through a classmate's father, prompting my desire to explore further. In August of 2019, my family and I visited Norwich, and I was captivated instantly. The university's culture, familial atmosphere, and academic environment affirmed my decision that this was the institution where I aspired to pursue my education. 

Why did you choose your major?

I chose to pursue a degree in criminal justice due to the institution's well-established and rigorous academic offerings, the prospect of engaging in diverse experiences such as internships and trips, and my genuine interest in studying this particular field of knowledge.

Activities and interests? 

Throughout my time at Norwich, I have actively participated in diverse extracurricular activities and clubs. During my rookdom, I discovered a supportive community within Norwich Christian Fellowship, where we convene weekly for dinner, discussions, and fellowship. In my sophomore year, I was elected by my peers to contribute to the Ring Committee. In this capacity, we undertook the design, unveiling, and orchestration of a ceremony for our classmates to receive their rings. Within the Corps of Cadets, I have undertaken several roles, including serving as an assistant squad leader, CTC squad leader, and Battalion Executive Officer.