Norwich University is proud to be the birthplace of America’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and the only private Senior Military College. We celebrate over two centuries of commissioned officer development.

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps, commonly known as ROTC, is a college program that aims to develop leadership skills and tactical prowess among students who aspire to serve in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Space Force. Norwich University is the first of six Senior Military Colleges in the United States that offers this program.

At Norwich, ROTC is an integral part of the College of National Services and Corps of Cadets, forming a joint, elite leadership course that must be included in your college curriculum and experience. Through classes, leadership labs, and field training exercises, the ROTC program will provide you with the tactical tools and experiential learning needed to become a premier officer in our Nation's militaries.

AFROTC cover

Air Force and Space Force (AFROTC)

Norwich University AFROTC forges premier leaders of character and action to lead and serve in the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. Our team prioritizes performance, respect, trust, and innovation.

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Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AROTC)

Norwich University Army ROTC trains, mentors and develops cadets as agile and adaptive leaders of character to commission into the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and U.S. Army National Guard.

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Naval and Marine Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

By pursuing Naval ROTC, either the U.S. Navy or U.S. Marine Corps track, you’ll prepare explore oceans, push your limits and achieve things that you never thought possible, whether ships, submarines or planes.

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U.S. Coast Guard

In the United States Coast Guard, you’ll find five main missions: Maritime Security, Maritime Mobility, Maritime Safety, Protection of Natural Resources and National Defense. Within each mission, the Coast Guard offers officer commissions in a host of fields including engineering, law, intelligence and more.

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Vermont National Guard

The Vermont National Guard is comprised of Army and Air National Guard units. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) participants maintain their status as National Guard members while also enrolling in ROTC.


The Possibilities Are Endless

While enhancing your overall college experience, ROTC provides structure, values, and leadership skills critical to career success, as well as money for tuition and a stipend.  In exchange for a paid college education and a guaranteed post-college career, cadets or midshipmen commit to serving in the military after graduation. As a graduate of a Senior Military College, a medically qualified cadet completing all ROTC requirements is assured of obtaining a commission. When you leave "The Hill" you will join a family of serving alumni making extraordinary contributions to the military and government, prepared and ready for any challenge your future may hold.

Start Strong

Before you arrive at Norwich, check out each service branch's ROTC website, look at our Instagram channels, check out our specialty clubs, and immerse yourself in the action. Then, interact with us.  Email, call, or visit our ROTC Branch POCs and our ROTC leaders on campus.  We welcome your questions.

As you begin your first-year path as a Norwich cadet, or "rook", you will have face-to-face opportunities to alight with a branch of service, you can join an elite club, and you can adjust your service goals as your understanding and professional aims develop in tandem.  The ROTC cadre works closely together to ensure Norwich cadets meet their professional goals. We promise that you will finish stronger than you began.

Did you know:

All Branches

As a Senior Military College, Norwich cadets, upon meeting certain conditions, can transfer between the Army, Navy, US Marine Corps, Air Force, or Space Force during their first year. We are proud of our unique joint experiential and tactical learning environment.

Award Winning ROTC

We're proud of our nationally recognized Army ROTC program.

Take Flight

From our "You Can Fly" program to our Civil Air Patrol partnership, to the newly-landed flight simulator grant, your opportunities to take to the skies are here at Norwich University.

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