Life as a Rook

New Corps students are called “rooks”, short for recruits.

Before you can become a leader, you must first understand self-responsibility and followership.

What Is Rookdom?

From your first year to your last, the Corps’ four-year progressive leadership model will provide you opportunities to challenge yourself, test your limits, apply new skills, grow through mentorship, and make an impact. 

Rookdom is your first step in the Corps of Cadets. New students are called “rooks” (short for recruits) until they become a recognized member of the Corps of Cadets.

Rook Week

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone. That’s what this unique experience is all about. Rook Week begins a week before classes start. It takes you beyond your average college life to learning basic military skills and knowledge.

Rook Basic Skills Training

After Rook Week, you’ll walk taller and feel more confident. You’ll build on your military knowledge and skills while embracing Norwich’s distinctive customs and traditions. 

You’ll better understand that becoming a great leader begins first by learning to be a conscious follower. Someone who understands the importance of teamwork and self-responsiblity. 

Through Basic Skills Training, you’ll feel your confidence continue to grow—you’ll see yourself as personally acountable and capable of stepping forward into a leadership role.

Becoming A Cadet

Being a cadet is much more than enduring the challenges of Rookdom. A special ceremony is held to reignite your preparedness for more responsibility within the Corps and as a Norwich student. 

Become the embodiment of our founder’s, Captain Alden Partridge, vision that he set out to achieve over 200 years ago. He believed in developing citizen soldiers in service to our nation. Soldiers who were well-rounded and educated for times of war and peace. 

Whether you choose a career in the military—or to lead as a citizen in your community—you’ll have a solid foundation on which to grow and thrive.


Rookdom - Day In The Life
0530First Call (Wake Up)
0545-0645 Physical Training (With ROTC or Corps Unit)
0645-0730 Personal Hygiene/Uniform Change
0730 Command Reveille Formation
0645-0930 1st Mess (As Schedule Allows)
0800-1600 Academic Classes
1045-1330 2nd Mess (As Schedule Allows)
1600-1800 Varsity/Club Sports/Student Activities
1800-1930 3rd Mess/Sergeant’s Training Time
1930-1945 Pass Down
1945-2200 Study Hall
1945-2200 Study Hall 2200 Call to Quarters, Taps, Lights Out
Norwich rooks running through the Dog River.

The culmination of Rook Week.

Dog River Run

The culmination of Rook Week is the Dog River Run. Rooks choose a river rock to represent their strength, perseverance, and determination. They carry their rocks down the river, while also completing physical training exercises. It’s a significant achievement for every rook when they complete the run and begin the next step in their journey.