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Jack Brennan

'23 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Harleigh Cornellier

'25 Bachelor of Science in Management

Norwich Women's Soccer, Corps of Cadets

Lucie Dombroski

Manchester, CT

'24 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Elizabeth (Ellie) Doody

'24 Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Isabella Dunning

Smyrna Delaware

'24, Criminal Justice with minors in leadership, psychology, and pre-law

Corps of Cadets, Norwich Christian Fellowship, Ring Committee

Joshua Hartley

'16 Computer Security & Information Assurance

Maren McGinn

Georgia, VT

Nursing, Class of ’25

Nursing, Athletics, Women’s Basketball, Softball

Brady Simmons

Computer Security & Info Assurance, Class of ’26

Corps of Cadets, Rifle

Gabriel Williams

'23 Bachelor of Science in Political Science