Brady Simmons

Image of Brady Simmons

The Corps is a special brother and sisterhood that you know will always be there for you, also it helps you grow up fast instead of being average like all of your friends.

Brady Simmons is a Computer Security & Info Assurance major from the class of 2026. The CSIA program is part of the Senator Patrick Leahy School of Cybersecurity and Advanced Computing. 

As a CSIA major our faculty challenges you to build a foundation in the liberal arts, mathematics, management, and the sciences, as well as computer programming, digital forensics, and information assurance—including a new course in The Politics of Cyberspace. 

Your education will encompass engaging classroom lessons, high-tech computer lab exercises, and real-world defense opportunities. Norwich also sets you up to take advantage of internships and offers the Cyber Leader Development Program (CLDP). Available to all students, you will gain from the different perspectives and experiences they bring to the program. You will be busy with extra-curricular and experiential career preparation, including club participation, competitions—like the NSA Codebreaker Challenge—and professional certifications.

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