Amanda Northrop

Amanda Northrop

  • Lecturer


I use the aquatic ecosystem found within the leaves of a carnivorous pitcher plant as a model system to investigate how aquatic ecosystems change due to anthropogenic enrichment of nutrients and detritus. Specifically, I am interested in how microbial communities change in both structure and function with eutrophication and how these changes in the microbial community may affect aquatic ecosystem dynamics and recovery. I use a combination of field experiments, greenhouse experiments, metaproteomics, metagenomics, and bioinformatics to get at these questions.


Ph.D. Biology, University of Vermont

Courses Taught

BI 122 Concepts in Biology
BI 101 Principles of Biology
BI 226 Cell Biology Laboratory


Northrop, A. C.,V. Avalone, A.M. Ellison, B.A. Ballif, N.J. Gotelli. 2020. Clockwise and counterclockwise hysteresis characterize state changes in the same aquatic ecosystem. Ecology Letters, 24, 94-101.

Northrop, A. C., R. K. Brooks, A. M. Ellison, N. J. Gotelli, and B. A. Ballif. 2017. Environmental proteomics reveals taxonomic and functional changes in an enriched aquatic ecosystem. Ecosphere, 8(10):e01954.