Jacki Strenio

Jacki Strenio

  • Assistant Professor


Jacki Strenio is an assistant professor of economics at Norwich University. Her research and teaching interests are in applied microeconomics and in particular, issues related to health, gender and public policy. She incorporates a plurality of frameworks in her teaching and research to explore economic issues, emphasizing their historical, political and social contexts. 


Jennings, J., Strenio, J., and Buder, I. (2022) “Occupational Prestige: American Stratification” Review of Evolutionary Political Economy.

Sanchez, S. and Strenio, J. (2022) “Stakeholder Perceptions and Potential Barriers to Successful Implementation of Pretrial Risk Assessment and Pretrial Release Reform” Journal of Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (R3) (1):1-19.

Strenio, J. and Roy Chowdhry, J. (2021) “Remote work, sexual harassment and worker well-being: A study of the U.S. and India” in D. Wheatley, S. Buglass, I. Hardill (Eds.) "Remote Work and Worker Well-Being in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Impacts, Challenges, and Opportunities." ICI Global.

Dr. Strenio earned her Master of Science and doctorate in economics from the University of Utah and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She also holds a Higher Education Teaching Specialist (HETS) designation and is committed to implementing more effective, research-backed practices in her classrooms and encouraging diversity in economics education more broadly. At Norwich University, she teaches Public Finance, Health Economics and Policy, Principles of Microeconomics and The Structure and Operation of the World Economy.