Megan Doczi

Megan Doczi

  • Chair, Associate Professor


Megan Doczi received her B.A. in neuroscience from Drew University and earned her Ph.D. in anatomy and neurobiology from the University of Vermont. During her postdoctoral fellowship at UVM, Doczi completed a developmental study of visually guided patch-clamp recordings in brain slices of the avian embryonic hypothalamus. Her laboratory at Norwich University continues to explore the role of voltage-gated potassium channels in the developmental patterning of hypothalamic circuits governing food intake and energy expenditure.

Doczi serves as the neuroscience program coordinator at Norwich, guiding students through the advanced curriculum, while providing undergraduate research opportunities in her neuroscience laboratory during the summer and academic months. She teaches courses in human anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, and diseases of the nervous system. Outside of the classroom, you can often find her snowboarding or biking in the mountains of Vermont.


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