Sean Kramer

Sean Kramer

  • Associate Professor


Dr. Kramer became an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Norwich University in 2013. His teaching emphasizes applying mathematical techniques to real-world modeling challenges.

Kramer participated in a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation aimed at fostering connections between American and African mathematicians. He studied in Malawi and Zambia as part of this initiative. In 2011, he attended the inaugural MASAMU workshop (Mathematics in Southern Africa) and has since sent a student to the annual conference in Namibia. Within this group, Kramer and his students focus on modeling endemic diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He also researched the spread of the oil slick from the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. By integrating satellite data with ocean currents, they traced the movement of the oil slick. This project received funding from the Office of Naval Research and now informs research on the movement of harmful algal blooms in coastal regions and large lakes.

His research interests include remote sensing, mathematical biology, and dynamical systems. Specifically, he works on modeling bivalve restoration in the New York Harbor, studying mesoscale ocean ecology using remote sensing data, and developing data-driven methods for estimating parameters and states in complex dynamical systems.


Ph.D. Mathematics, Clarkson University 
M.S. Mathematics, Clarkson University
M.A. Mathematics, Villanova University
B.A. Mathematics and Secondary Education, Eastern University

Courses Taught

MA 321 Financial Mathematics
MA 224 Differential Equations
MA 232 Elementary Statistics


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Gray, M.W, Langdon, C., Waldbusser, G., Hales, B., and Kramer, S. “Mechanistic understanding of ocean acidification impacts on larval feeding physiology and energy budgets of the mussel M. californianus,” Marine Ecology Progress Series, 563, 81-94, (2017).

Gray, M.W, Kramer, S. and Langdon, C., “Particle Processing and Gut Kinematics of Planktotrophic Bi- valve Larvae,” Marine Biology, 2187-2201, 162.11 (2015).