Stephen M. Joyce

Stephen M. Joyce

  • Adjunct Faculty


Stephen M. Joyce earned his PhD in Government, focusing on Comparative Politics and Public Law (courts, judiciaries, constitutions) at the University of Texas at Austin, writing his dissertation on Comparative Judicial Federalism.

His interests extend to American Politics, Literature and Politics, and Political Philosophy. Joyce has an MPhil in Latin American Studies from Oxford University, an M.A.L.A. from the Graduate Institute at St. John’s College (Annapolis), and an A.B. in Political Science, with minors in Spanish and Economics, from Middlebury College. He has conducted research in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

In addition to his teaching positions, he has worked as a paralegal in both the private and public sectors. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and has a workable knowledge of German. He has also taught at Vermont State University and Champlain College. At Norwich, he has taught Civil Liberties, Introduction to Public Policy and Administration, American Politics, International Law, and Spanish. Although not a native Vermonter, he married one and got here as fast as he could.