What I Wish I Knew Before Joining Norwich University's Corps of Cadets

By Makayla Torrey

Norwich University rooks lined up in rows, awaiting instruction.

Number 1) When the Corps is on the march, move out of the way. Don’t get in their way, they’re just trying to do their thing, simply move out of the way or walk faster. 
Number 2) When the Cadre begin yelling at the Rooks, they’re not yelling at you. It has nothing to do with you. 
Number 3) The Corps is not that scary. Sitting in a class wearing ripped jeans while everyone else is wearing camo is not that scary. 
Number 4) The mailroom is the best job on campus. 
Number 5) Not all of the washing machines and dryers will do what you want. Pro tip for Dalyrmple, the extra dryer, number 11, doesn’t work. 
Number 6) The way you dress when everyone else is wearing a uniform stands out. You may not think it does, but people notice what you wear so wear what you want and wear it well. Own it. 
Number 7) Wearing camo when you’re not in the Corps is not a crime. 
Number 8) You will have no problems making friends. There’s people everywhere, Corps and civilians, and you may actually meet someone new every week if not every day. 
Number 9) Norwich will get you where you want to go. It’s just a matter of talking to the right people, and being in the right place at the right time. So speak up.
Number 10) If you ever find yourself in a barrack as a civilian, walk like you’re supposed to be there and that you know where you’re going. Walk like you live there, essentially. 
Number 11) Speak up for yourself. Defend yourself. If you’re not being treated right, do something about it. 
Number 12) The elevator takes forever. Don’t use it when going down while trying to make it to the 8am. 
Number 13) 8ams are not the worst thing in the world. Sometimes it’s nice to get everything out of the way early. 
Number 14) It’s you over anything else. There are a thousand majors, there’s only one you. Take care of yourself, you’ll get the degree just fine.  
Number 15) The food is good or bad depending on how picky you are. 
Number 16) Not everyone will like you. That’s okay. 
Number 17) Telling people what you want to do after college goes a long way.