Cara Armstrong

Cara Armstrong

  • Director, School of Architecture + Art
  • Associate Professor


Cara Armstrong, an Associate Professor and Director of Norwich University's School of Architecture + Art is a driving force in the field of architecture and design education. She consistently imparts her expertise to students by teaching fundamental courses like AP 111 Fundamentals of Architecture I and AP 118 Fundamentals of Architecture II. Her dedication to fostering architectural literacy and innovative teaching methods has made a substantial impact on architectural education, providing students with a strong foundation in design principles and the profound impact of the built environment.

Cara's research interests span a diverse range of disciplines, from her work in immersive drawing to her investigations into the intersections of neuroscience and architecture. Her studies delve into the cognitive aspects of architectural perception, uncovering how spatial experiences influence human perception. Moreover, her contributions to the field of architecture are enriched by her poetry research and writing, which bring a unique and artistic perspective to architectural discourse. Cara's interdisciplinary approach enriches the architectural community by examining the intricate relationships between design, language, neuroscience, and the power of drawing. Through her teaching and research, she consistently demonstrates a commitment to advancing architectural knowledge while embracing the poetic and artistic aspects of the discipline.


Master of Fine Arts in Poetry, Drew University

Master of Architecture, Columbia University

Bachelor of Environmental Design, Miami University

Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University

Courses Taught

AP 111 Fundamentals of Architecture I
AP 118 Fundamentals of Architecture II

AP 434/534 Architecture Seminar in Process


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