Chauntelle Eckhaus

Chauntelle Eckhaus

  • Developmental Mathematics Coordinator
  • Lecturer


Chauntelle is passionate about helping students find their mathematical strengths. She helps students build on those strengths by learning to use metacognitive skills, improving their study habits, and making connections between mathematical topics. She enjoys using a variety of technology to make learning more interesting for students while deepening their conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas. 

Chauntelle is the Developmental Mathematics Coordinator for Norwich, overseeing the MA005 and MA095 courses as well as the Mathematics Placement Exam taken by all students upon admission.


M.A. Mathematics Education, Aurora University

B.A. Chemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A. Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder



Courses Taught

MA095 Intermediate Algebra
MA107 Precalculus
MA121 Calculus I