Elisabeth Atems

Elisabeth Atems

  • Lecturer


Elisabeth (Liz) Atems, Ph.D., joined the Norwich physics faculty in 2014. 

She studied as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, graduating with a B.A., and went on to earn a Ph.D. in physics at Wayne State University in Detroit, working on theoretical studies of collision processes involving electrons and diatomic molecules such as H2. Since then her research interests have shifted to the physics of climate and global warming and to observational astronomy. She is currently interested in the detection of planets orbiting other stars using small telescopes and inexpensive digital cameras.

At Norwich, she has taught General Physics I and II (PS 201 and PS 202), University Physics I (PS 211 laboratory),Solar System Astronomy (PS 107) as well as upper level electricity and magnetism. Outside the classroom, she is an avid hiker, who enjoys trekking along the high ridges of the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. She is also a private pilot and keeps a small single-engine airplane at Knapp State Airport in Berlin.