Laurie Grigg

Laurie Grigg

  • Associate Professor


Dr. Grigg teaches Environmental Science courses on Energy and the Environment, Freshwater Ecosystems, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She also teaches Oceanography and Introduction to Geology.  Her research interests include the reconstruction of past climate and ecosystem change and present-day interactions between climate, lake sedimentation, and productivity. Dr. Grigg is invested in mentoring students on research projects in these areas. 

Dr. Grigg is also heavily involved with mentoring senior research projects on water quality, climate change, and sedimentation in central Vermont lakes.  Her research focuses on both understanding modern processes and the reconstruction of past climate and ecosystems through the analysis lake sediment cores. Her field area is currently in Vermont but she has also done extensive work in the Pacific Northwest. This research has received funding from NSF-EPSCoR and regularly includes student researchers, many of whom have presented at professional meetings.

Dr. Grigg serves as the Vice President of the Vermont Geological Survey and on several other professional boards. She is also an advisor to the Vermont chapter of the Nature Conservancy and serves on the board of the Vermont Environmental Consortium. 




Ph.D. Physical Geography, University of Oregon
M.A. Physical Geography, University of Oregon
B.A. Geology, Colorado College

Courses Taught

ES 268 Freshwater Ecosystems
ES 200 Energy and the Environment
ES 115 Introduction to GIS


Grigg, L.D., Stefanescu, I., Shuman, B.N., and Oswald, W.W., 2023, A pollen-inferred reconstruction of Holocene climatic and ecological variability from Vermont, USA. Quaternary Research 116, 60-77.

Stefanescu, I, Shuman, B.N., Grigg, L.D., Bailey, V, A., Stefanova, and Oswald, W., 2023, Weak precipitation δ2H response to large Holocene hydroclimate changes in eastern North America.  Quaternary Science Reviews 304, 107990.

Shuman, B. N., Stefanescu, I. C., Grigg, L. D., Foster, D. R., & Oswald, W. W., 2023. A Millennial-Scale Oscillation in Latitudinal Temperature Gradients along the Western North Atlantic during the Mid-Holocene.  Geophysical Research Letters, 50(20), e2022GL102556.