Robert Knapik

Rob Knapik

  • Chair, Department of Physics
  • Associate Professor


Rob Knapik joined the Norwich faculty in 2011. He earned his B.S. from James Madison University and a Ph.D. from Colorado State University. He completed a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania.

An active researcher, Knapik believes research fundamentally elevates his work as an educator. “The enthusiasm for my current experiment overflows into the classroom,” he says. The physicist has participated in large experimental collaborations throughout his career as a researcher in the fields of nuclear, particle, and astroparticle physics. The work done in his research lab involves many areas where undergraduate students can make an impact. His lab exposes students to data collection, data analysis, hardware modifications, software engineering, and scientific writing.


Ph.D. Colorado State University
B.S. from James Madison University


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“Measurement of the 8B Solar Neutrino Flux in SNO+ with Very Low Backgrounds"" SNO+ Collaboration [S. Andringa et al.], Phys. Rev. D 99, 012012 (2019)