Scott Caulfield

Scott Caulfield

  • Adjunct Faculty


Scott Caulfield earned his B.S. degree in Physical Education from Castleton University in 2000 and his M.A. in Sports Coaching from the University of Denver's renowned Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 2017.


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Scott began teaching in the strength and conditioning graduate degree program at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as a lecturer for HSCI 4620 Advanced Strength and Conditioning and has given hundreds of public presentations both in the US and Internationally on a variety of topics related to human performance training and building resiliency through physical preparation. He became Norwich University's first ever Director of Strength and Conditioning in August 2021. In his role he directs the development and management of individual and group strength and conditioning programs to over 600 student-athletes participating in Norwich University's 22 Division III varsity athletic programs.

He holds the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction (CSCS*D) certification and Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction (RSCC*D) designation from the NSCA as well as USA Weightlifting's Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach certification.