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At Norwich University, fuel your ambition to fight the ubiquitous invisible war against dangerous criminals who hide behind anonymity on the web. You will be joining the CSIA program that few undergraduate programs can match in scope and depth. Even fewer are designated by the NSA as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education and as a Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence by the Defense Cyber Crime Center of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Operations.

These designations recognize Norwich’s significant contribution to protecting our national critical information infrastructure. 


Be prepared for an intensive program.

We train you to be ready for continued cyber threats whether to the individual, organization, or government. This means that you are going to dive into complex subjects to develop the skills and knowledge to defend your country from cybercrime. 

As a CSIA major our faculty challenges you to build a foundation in the liberal arts, mathematics, management, and the sciences, as well as computer programming, digital forensics, and information assurance—including a new course in The Politics of Cyberspace. 

Your education will encompass engaging classroom lessons, high-tech computer lab exercises, and real-world defense opportunities. Norwich also sets you up to take advantage of internships and offers the Cyber Leader Development Program (CLDP). Available to all students, you will gain from the different perspectives and experiences they bring to the program. You will be busy with extra-curricular and experiential career preparation, including club participation, competitions—like the NSA Codebreaker Challenge—and professional certifications.


There are countless advantages coming to Norwich for a CSIA degree. Another one of them is that we have concentrations that are hard to find anywhere else in Advanced Information Assurance or Digital Forensics:

Advanced Information Assurance Management prepares you to analyze requirements and implement measures to protect information confidentiality, control integrity, authenticity, availability, and utility, and to maintain their technical and managerial competence in the face of ever-changing requirements and technology. 

Digital Forensics teaches you to apply current forensics theory, ethics, techniques, skills, and tools at all levels of digital incident investigation relevant to solving policy violations and crimes. 


To set yourself apart, consider joining one of the Leadership Academies, developed using our bedrock Leadership Development System with an experiential learning approach for those interested in joining either the private sector or government workforce to serve our country. These academies focus upon pathway opportunities for tuition assistance, fellowships, and internship programs.
While you are finishing your degree talk to your faculty about enrolling in one of our Accelerated Master’s Pathways where you can apply your upper-level undergraduate courses and training into graduate credit and finish within 12-18 months after graduation online.


Whether you focus on computer network security, malware, forensics, or cyber investigation, as a graduate of Norwich’s CSIA program, employers in private industry, government, law enforcement, the military, health services, and academia will seek your services. 

Accreditations- School of Cybersecurity and Advanced Computing

Program Details

To view additional program details for programs such as course offerings, requirements, and curriculum maps for the Computer Security and Information Assurance course offerings and a curriculum map, visit the Norwich University Course Catalog using these links.

Minor Major Online Master's

Norwich - a Leader in CSIA

With a focus on both theory and hands-on experience, Norwich provides a truly unique program using state-of-the-art forensic tools unheard of at other institutions of this size.

Since 2001

National Security Agency

NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education since 2001


Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence

Designated since 2012 a Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence by the Defense Cyber Crime Center of the United States Air Force Office of Special Operations


Individualized Attention

Each CSIA student has an individually-assigned faculty advisor from their very first day on campus.

Hands On Experience

At Norwich University, and especially in CSIA, we take foundational learning and theory and focus that directly into meaningful hands-on experience.

Cyber Leader Development Program

The Cyber Leader Development Program – is available to all students, Corps and civilian, as a means of career preparation, to becoming future Cyber leaders.  This program is designed to provide extra-curricular career preparation for students in the form of experiential learning.  It includes coordinated activities like club participation, professional certifications, competitions, and internships. 

Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research (CyFER)

Our research centers are hubs of innovation, training and continuous improvement.  The Norwich Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research (CyFER) is dedicated to the development of emerging, advanced and next-generation computing technologies. The center serves students and faculty and is used for deploying specialist learning environments for the Computer Security & Information Assurance (CSIA) program. 


Traditional internships are plentiful and available to all students at Norwich, but we also have internships that are available via competitions. For example, the NSA Codebreaker Challenge gives students who score above a certain threshold the guarantee of an NSA internship that includes a security clearance!  

We have many other vehicles for students to gain their TS/SCI during an internship which gives them opportunities to work in coveted cyber careers after graduation.  Another feature of our CLDP program is for Army ROTC cadets: those who commission Army and complete our CLDP program, will carry the cyber designation on their formal Army record, which will give them preference for many Army Cyber openings. 


You’ll find a natural support network through Norwich’s growing list of student cyber clubs. From the Norwich Cybersecurity Club, to the Cyber Rangers competition team, to the nationally-affiliated Women in Cybersecurity (WiCYS), you’ll be able to find a group of like-minded students to collaborate with and learn from.

Norwich cyber students say they can always turn to their club-mates if they have a question they were too shy to ask during class, or if they need a more experienced peer to demonstrate a particular skill. They’re a place for underclassmen to connect with older students in organic and meaningful ways.

Our Faculty

Jonathan Adkins

Jonathan Adkins


  • Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics
Matthew Bovee

Matthew Bovee


  • Associate Professor, Computer Security and Information Assurance
Jeremy Hansen

Jeremy Hansen


  • Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Coach, E-Sports
Huw O. L. Read

Huw O. L. Read


  • Director, Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research (CyFER)
  • Director, Global Cyber Threat Observatory
Kris Rowley

Kris Rowley


  • Lecturer, Computer Security and Information Assurance
Charles Snow

Charles Snow


  • Associate Professor, Computer Science
National Cyber Fusion Research and Development Center

Norwich receives $16.4 million in federal funding for creation of National Cyber Fusion Research and Development Center

Cyber Fusion Research and Development Center

Adding to our formidable suit of academic offerings, the $16.4 million secured in Congressional Directed Spending for the Norwich University Multi-disciplinary Cyber Fusion Research and Development Center will create educational and workforce training opportunities in areas such as cybersecurity, information operations and dominance, computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time decision-making practices.

Outlook for CSIA Graduates

The demand for CSIA majors is at an all-time high. The Cyber Institutes pipeline development grant highlights the demand for qualified applicants in CS/CSIA.  The private sector is aggressively recruiting Norwich students to intern during summers at all levels.  Our CSIA graduates are in very high demand given that there are comparatively few CSIA undergraduate programs with in-person instruction and labs. 

  • Cyber Institutes Grant
    $10+ million per year

    To Norwich & the SMC Consortium

  • Alumni Career Funnel
    200+ Years

    Many Norwich alumni recruit aggressively for their private firms - Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, BAH, and Randori, to name a few.