Cost Calculator

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator helps prospective traditional students determine their total cost of attendance at Norwich University. In Fall 2023, the billed/direct cost was $64,600 and the average Net price for residential First-year students after receiving Norwich aid (not to include tuition benefits) was $25,727.  After all grants (Norwich, Federal Student Aid, State grants and aid, VA benefits, ROTC scholarship and other outside scholarships) were applied, the average Net price to residential First-year students was $19,713.

The calculator will provide an estimate of the financial aid package — scholarships, need-based financial aid and financing options — that an incoming, traditional college-aged students attending college may receive. Estimates that are provided at the completion of the process are based on the accuracy of the data that is entered. Please complete the entire process to ensure the best possible results.

First Year and Transfer Students