Emma Ste. Marie

Emma Ste. Marie

  • Assistant Professor


Emma Ste. Marie earned her Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Emmanuel College in Boston and her doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Vermont. After completing a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at Boston College, Ste. Marie joined Norwich University’s faculty in 2021; she teaches organic chemistry.

With her research, Ste. Marie’s aims to develop and use chemical tools to solve biological problems. She is particularly interested in peptides equipped with nonnatural amino acids that have unique biological activities. Other research interests include designing conformational switch peptides, incorporating redox active amino acids cysteine and selenocysteine (and their derivatives) into peptides, and designing peptide therapeutics with enhanced pharmacological properties.

As a graduate student, Ste. Marie mentored numerous undergraduate researchers, teaching them how to design and perform experiments and analyze data. Now, she is dedicated to conducting interdisciplinary research at Norwich University, where students will have the opportunity to learn myriad techniques, including organic synthesis, peptide synthesis and enzymelike kinetic assays. In 2022, Ste. Marie received $10,000 from the Vermont Biomedical Research Network for supplies and equipment to synthesize unusual amino acids and incorporate them into peptides to make designer vitamins.

Ste. Marie is a member of the American Chemical Society and the American Peptide Society and looks forward to bringing Norwich students to these organization’s symposiums and conferences. She is also dedicated to science outreach and served as the director of University of Vermont’s Chemistry Camp for numerous years during her graduate career.