Justin Kuster

Justin Kuster

  • Lecturer


Justin E. Kuster  received his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder, and his M.A. and PhD in philosophy from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. 

Kuster regularly teaches courses in medical ethics, criminal justice ethics, and logic. He wholeheartedly believes that taking a philosophy course can be one of the most useful, engaging, and worthwhile endeavors that a student undertakes during his or her college career. His primary goal in teaching philosophy is to provide his students with the tools, environment, and support needed to have such an experience.

Kuster’s research is primarily been focused on metaphysics of modality. His dissertation addressed a primary question in the metaphysics of modality: What is the source of the necessity that makes necessary truths necessarily true? He has research interests in other areas of metaphysics, and philosophy of language. He is also interested in topics in ethics, applied ethics, epistemology, logic, and, really, just about any philosophical problem worth its salt.

Kuster regularly participates in the divisional meetings of American Philosophical Association (APA). In February 2020, he commented on Marc Johansen’s “Adverbialism About Dispositions” at the APA Central Division Meeting.