Homeschool Applicants

Norwich welcomes homeschooled applicants! 

Our focus on safety, service, and experiential learning are often in direct alignment with homeschooled values, and we can’t wait to learn more about you.

We do not require a high school diploma or GED with your initial application. Please note that you will be required to submit an official academic record prior to starting classes. We do have some qualities we look for in for homeschooled students, based on successful applicants we have admitted in the past.

The Will to Try

You will need to believe in our motto, “I Will Try.” 

Here you will be asked to challenge yourself, to improve yourself, to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. One quality that we look for in all our applicants is initiative, and the willingness to accept a challenge. Many of our admitted homeschooled applicants have experience in their less constrained educational environment taking on real-world issues and in-depth research, making them a perfect fit for Norwich’s challenging environment. 

We will provide you the resources to go beyond an ordinary education, will you rise to it?

Outside Classes

You go beyond your classroom. We find that many of our homeschooled applicants have taken classes outside the homeschool setting, such as through a local college or an online school. Transcripts from these courses are very helpful for us when evaluating whether you will be successful pursing a degree at Norwich University. Norwich offers courses for Vermont homeschooled students through Vermont’s Flexible Pathways programs.

Community Involvement

You will have participated in extracurricular activities and community groups, such as athletics, scouting, religious groups, community service work, work for pay, etc. All our students are active in their communities.

Summer Programs

Many of our homeschooled students have been active in summer programs. Summer programs are a great opportunity to work with other students from diverse backgrounds in a collaborative manner. Summer program educators often provide letters of recommendations. We offer a breadth of summer programs here on campus.

Questions? Contact your admissions counselor for more information.

Tour our Scenic Campus

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Tour our Scenic Campus: See for yourself how Norwich supports your ambitions and helps you set goals, then exceed them. Explore Norwich for yourself! Find out what it's like to be a student. It's Worth The Visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Good news! The application process at Norwich is simple. You can apply using either the Norwich Application or the Common Application. The evaluation is the same for all first-year students. Homeschooled applicants may present some of the required documents in a different format than what would be provided by traditional schools, but we will work with you throughout the process. Applying is quick and easy and our counselors will let you know if they need any materials.

Letters of Recommendations are completely optional. If you do choose to submit a letter of recommendation, we advise one Parent Letter of Recommendation and one from someone who has known you in an extracurricular, or service-oriented capacity.

Submitting an essay is also optional. Looking for a topic? We would be interested to know why you and your family opted to pursue homeschooling rather than a more traditional education. We would also be curious about the resources used to craft your curriculum and the degree you have had in guiding your own education.

The school transcript should be submitted by the person most responsible for your overall learning. 

Please provide the curriculum you have undertaken during the last four years, to include all subjects covered, as well as the books and learning resources you used. If you have taken courses at a college, high school, or other education program, please submit official transcripts from those sources.

Apply Now

Students applying for admission may choose between the using the university's in-house form or the national Common Application.