Meet Our Student Bloggers - Ana Lemler

By Ana Lemler

Ana Lemler is an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. She is a member of the Corps of Cadets and is pursuing her Air Force contract. She's also a participant in the Mountain Cold Weather Company (MCW) and the first prospect class of the i5 specialty unit centered on Space Force training. Keep reading to learn more about Ana's interesting life at Norwich!

Greetings! I’m Ana Lemler, a first-year cadet studying to be a computer/electrical engineer. I’m pursuing an Air Force contract and hope to be a commissioned officer when I graduate. I’m living the Corps’ military lifestyle where we are expected to hold a higher standard of decorum and responsibility. It demands more but gives a greater reward through the learned discipline.

Portrait of Ana Lemler in her rook photo.
Meet Ana Lemler, '28, Electrical and Computer Engineering, AFROTC

Last fall I was a part of the Mountain Cold Weather Company, but I am currently in the first prospect class of the i5 specialty unit centered on Space Force training. Outside of the Corps, I am also active in the Women’s Wrestling Club and Art Club.

I chose Norwich because of the environment and the people. The words “Expect Challenge, Achieve Distinction” resonated with me and my values because I live for a challenge since that’s the only way we grow. I was the kind of tomboy who would take a dare simply because someone thought I couldn’t. I strive to prove those types of people wrong. There’s nothing I will limit myself by because of others. This mindset drove me to a career in the military. Norwich afforded me the time to learn the new lifestyle while gaining a degree at the same time. Upon visiting the campus for the first time, I fell in love with the environment of mountains and woodlands. I’m from rural Indiana, so the change from flat fields to the allure of the Green Mountains drew me to my new home. Norwich is the perfect combination of everything I was looking for.

As a Norwich student, we seek to become academic weapons and excel in more than one field. As a cadet private, we are also expected to go through basic military training exercises. Balancing these aspects has become a skill and an asset. I prefer working out in the morning, so on days when I don’t have Air Force or Corp PT (physical training), I take a hike on Paine Mountain or hit the Plumley Gym. Sometimes the run back to the barracks and rush after PT as I get ready for formation wakes me up more than the workout. Once at formation, the brisk winter captures my attention before the bugler calls and my focus shifts to the flag that defines

Freshman Field overlooking campus and the Green Mountains.
Photo by Ana Lemler, the taken at Freshman Field overlooking campus and the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

 my purpose.

The academic day starts after formation. Most first-years have a lot of GenEds (general education classes) to fill their time, but I’m a bit unique in the sense that I’ve completed all my GenEd requirements and only need to complete my major’s classes. It’s more fun for me because all the classes I’m taking interest me greatly. The number of classes can vary from day to day, but I average three classes a day. The academic day ends at 1730 when Corps training, clubs, and specialty units take up my time. After this, time is to be used at our discretion for study, conversations, or other campus events such as movie nights or ice skating.

To wrap things up, I chose Norwich because of the change I knew it would incite in me and the improvements I would see from conquering a new challenge. It is the college best suited to assisting me in achieving my goals and preparing me for a military career. I’ll leave you with my favorite exit phrase used at this military college.

Norwich Together! Norwich Forever!