Meet Our Student Bloggers - Tatum Laliberte

By Tatum Laliberte

Tatum Laliberte is a Communications major and Psychology minor at Norwich University. Tatum is an active member of the Pegasus Players, our theater group on campus, vice president of the campus radio club, vice president of the field hockey club, and has a love of music, performance, and dancing. Keep reading to learn more about Tatum's eventful life as a Norwich student.

Hello, I’m Tatum Laliberte and I’m a junior at Norwich University. I’m thrilled to give you a glimpse into my life, interests, and why I chose Norwich.

Tatum (far left), in a performance of The Heathers musical that was held by Pegasus Players.
Tatum (far left in white) in a performance of The Heathers musical that was presented by the Pegasus Players this past March 2024.

Let’s start with the basics: I’m a communications major with a minor in psychology and writing. Outside of academics, let me tell you about the real me. I’m a lover of music, live performances, and dancing. There’s something magical about the way music can evoke emotions and bring people together, and I soak up every opportunity to experience it live. Whether it’s a small gig at a local venue or a big festival, you’ll often find me tapping my feet and losing myself in the rhythm. Aside from music, I’m all about having fun with friends. Whether we’re exploring the local scene, trying out new restaurants, or simply hanging out and sharing stories, I thrive on the energy of meaningful connections and good company.

Why Norwich? Well, it’s a bit of a family affair. My dad graduated from Norwich back in ’98, so, you could say it runs in the family. Beyond that, Norwich offers the perfect blend of a close-knit community and academic excellence. The small class sizes and campus atmosphere provide the ideal environment for me to thrive academically and personally.

Now let’s dive into a typical day in my life as a Norwich student. My day usually starts with a quick breakfast at the Dunkin’ on campus before diving into classes, and you’ll often find me in the library or the Mill, typing away on my laptop – but it’s not all work and no play. As the vice president of the radio club, I’m heavily involved in revamping Dog River Radio 88.3. It’s a passion project of mine and I love every minute of it. When I’m not in class or working on the radio, you might catch me on the field playing field hockey. Being vice president of the NU Field Hockey Club allows me to stay active and connected with fellow athletes.

My interests don’t stop there; I’m also heavily involved in the arts scene on campus. Right now, I’m working on the musical "Heathers," where I get to indulge in my love for singing, dancing, and performing. It’s a whirlwind of rehearsals, but I love every second of it. Outside of school and extracurriculars I also have a couple part-time gigs to keep me busy. I work at Mad River Glen in the food and beverage department where I get to combine my love for skiing with a bit of work experience, and once a week, I head over to Moretown Elementary School for an after-school program where I get to hang out with the kids and facilitate fun activities.

So, there you have it—a glimpse into the life of Tatum Laliberte. From academics, to extracurriculars, to part-time jobs, my days are filled with passion, purpose, and plenty of fun. I wouldn’t have it any other way.