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Immersive U.S. Government Experience - Field Trip to Washington D.C.

This semester specifically I was offered to take the class “U.S. Security Policy,” which other than being a distinctive class in itself, also includes a paid trip to Washington D.C. as an implemented part of the curriculum.

Meet Our Student Bloggers - Spencer Rada

Spencer Rada is a Political Science major and Transnational Crime minor at Norwich University. He is active in the Student Government Association on campus and Norwich's Leadership Academies. Keep reading to learn more about Spencer's exciting opportunities as a highly involved Norwich student!

Meet Our Student Bloggers - Tatum Laliberte

Tatum Laliberte is a Communications major and Psychology minor at Norwich University. Tatum is an active member of the Pegasus Players, our theater group on campus, vice president of the campus radio club, vice president of the field hockey club, and has a love of music, performance, and dancing. Keep reading to learn more about Tatum's eventful life as a Norwich student.

Meet Our Student Bloggers - Leah Mancera

Leah Mancera is a psychology major and taking three minors: communications biology, and neuroscience! She is a work-study student for the Career and Internship Center (CIC), an Esports player, and a member of Silver Wings (SW). Keep reading to learn more about Leah's active life as a Norwich student.

What I Wish I Knew Before Joining Norwich University's Corps of Cadets

Number 1) When the Corps is on the march, move out of the way. Don’t get in their way, they’re just trying to do their thing, simply move out of the way or walk faster. Number 2) When the Cadre begin...